The Jack Russell Terrier

The history of the breed

The very first appearance in the history of the Jack Russell Terrier dates back to around the end of the 19th century, in England, in Devon to be precise: a protagonist of aristocratic salons, it was used for truffle hunting, game hunting and, today, also as an anti-drug dog, as well as a companion dog.

The origin of the breed is owed to Reverend Russell, a great fox-hunting enthusiast, to the point of giving rise to a veritable generation of canines to be trained for this activity.

It is not certain what genetic mix was used at the time to obtain the dog as we all know it today, but it is certain that it all stemmed from Trump, a female terrier he owned.

The goal was one: to have a short, powerful, agile, flexible, but above all courageous dog, and Reverend Russell succeeded. In fact, it was he who gave the breed its name: Jack was in fact the diminutive of Jhon, his first name and it was Russell who founded the Kennel Club, a centre dedicated to the health and wellbeing of dogs, with the aim of improving the species on a genetic level.

Identikit of a Jack Russell Terrier

One of the character traits that most identifies this breed is agility: Jack Russell Terriers are in fact involved in sporting competitions, speed and agility contests. It is a dog that is suitable for everyone, adults and children alike, and lives happily both outdoors and indoors: a four-legged companion, lively, cunning, but very, very sweet.

The coat

Three different types of coat can be distinguished today: Smooth, Rough, Broken.

The Sweet Hills Kennel is dedicated to the growth and care of the rough-coated Jack Russell, typically Australian, used for shows.

It is the variant most used for hunting, as the shaggy, hard coat protects it from the insects of the woods, such as brambles and insects.

The rough-coated Jack Russell is the only one of the three variants that can only be obtained by mating between rough-coated parents.

The character

Having a Jack Russell in the family means sharing lively and entertaining moments with an alert and always active four-legged dog: he is a dog with a strong personality, who loves to run and is full of energy. It is considered to be one of the most intelligent, as it learns commands quickly, if well trained: a true companion for life, who can also be very affectionate!

In the family it is perfect for all ages, fun for children, companionship for older people. To date, the Jack Russell is the most common dog breed in Italian homes.

The well-being of your Jack Russell Terrier

Looking after your four-legged friend means not only showering him with affection and care, but also attending to his needs and indulging him. His being dynamic and full of energy, although small in size, makes him a fit and muscular dog. Ideal for his diet are foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, cereals, fruit, vegetables and fats.

Behaviour:Balanced, alert and lively
Appetite:Present and constant
Movement:Sprightly, fluid and coordinated
Sleep:Regular, neither too much nor too little