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Massimo Badolato


  Luigi Fiorini

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Alleviamo questa splendida razza molti anni. Allevare per noi è una grande passione ,questa razza è davvero meravigliosa. Insieme abbiamo costruito nel tempo una solida alleanza, nell' impegno e  nella esperienza, unendo forza e sapienza nel cercare di selezionare  salute e  bellezza per i nostri Jack Russell Terrier. Questo sito vuole essere una guida che presenta il nostro lavoro ma anche  una guida per trovare un cucciolo promettente da show o semplicemente un compagno per la nostra famiglia .

Nella ricerca tra le pagine di questo sito scoprirete anche pagine della nostra vita e del nostro bellissimo e affettuoso rapporto con la razza che amiamo, I Jack Russel Terrier


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Since I was a child I have always had love for dogs, especially for small breeders. I have always lived in the country, and they were for me, the friends of the games, so, after several years, I decided to buy my first Jack Russell Terrier

with him I started to make expo in Italy and in Europe, obtaining excellent placings, also at the World Dog show in Salzburg. the idea of ​​breeding dog, became reality in 2008, when, thanks to the first experiences in reproduction, the passion to see my puppies grow, and love for these little terriers, I decided to raise this wonderful breed.

born in this way, Sweet Hills Kennel, in the heart of Tuscany, near Siena, where the softness of the hills, invites you to live in contact with nature in company of our wonderful jack russell terrier. our dogs, grows every day, along with our commitment, to select healthy and balanced animals.And with this site we want to share with you the joy of owning a jack russell terrier, and offer to you, the possibility of try the tenderness and affection that our puppies can give.


My passion for animals has been evident ever since I was a child. Passion that brought me in life to breeding fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. In 1993 I started my "career" dog with the Yorkshire Terriers, thanks to the help of two breeder friends, now also famous judges. In 1988 I had the opportunity to see in pictures, strange and funny Terriers unknown to me, and it was immediately love .... the Jack Russell Terrier! To date, after twenty years, we continue with the passion and love of all time ... with my brotherly friend Massimo, with our jacks,we have achieved remarkable results throughout Europe, and the name Sweet Hills is present all over the world.Luigi

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Massimo Badolato :

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Castelnuovo Berardenga

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