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Our breeding in the heart of Tuscany

Acknowledged worldwide,Sweet Hills Kennel nasce nel cuore della Tuscany, tra le colline senesi, uno spazio immerso nella natura dove da anni vengono accuditi e cresciuti, con cura e passione, splendidi esemplari di Jack Russell Terrier.

Ours is an ENCI and FCI-recognised kennel for the selection of smooth and rough-coated Jack Russell Terriers, and it is here that, over time, we have cared for beauty champions that have given rise to wonderful generations.

Love, commitment and experience are the traits that distinguish the two breeders, Massimo and Luigi, as they strive for health and beauty in the breed.

Sweet Hills Kennel Team

Massimo Badolato

His love for dogs has accompanied him since childhood, when he used to play with the family pets in his country house. It was during these years that he fell in love with the Jack Russell Terrier, becoming the owner of a beautiful male, which accompanied him to expos throughout Europe. Hence, the idea of a kennel of his own, where he could grow and care for his heart's breed: it was 2008 and Sweet Hills Kennel took shape amidst the nature of the Crete Senesi, becoming a safe space for Jack Russell Terrier puppies.

Luigi Fiorini

A lifelong lover of animals, he has bred fish, birds and reptiles over the years, but it was in 1993 that he discovered his vocation for dogs, getting closer and closer to the Jack Russell Terrier breed. It was love at first sight, which still distinguishes him today in his work as a breeder, recognised all over the world.

Why choose Sweet Hills Jack Russell

Massimo and Luigi, the two breeders, have nurtured an unconditional passion for the Jack Russell Terrier breed for years: theirs is a true vocation, aimed at the care and development of unique specimens.

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Sweet Hills Kennel prides itself on dedication and attention to detail for the specimens on the premises, pampered like true hosts.



Each new arrival is carefully selected for health and standard and soon looked after in the best possible way: here at Sweet Hills Kennel, love is never lacking.



Una dedizione costante al Jack Russell Terrier, un impegno serio preso con il massimo rispetto An annual passion for the Jack Russell Terrier, a job taken seriously, with respect for the breed and its unique characteristics. passione ogni anno.

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